10 Reasons to Fall In Love with Air Fryers

10 Reasons to Fall In Love with Air Fryers

September 06, 2019 0 Comments

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Have an air fryer?

I was a tad bit skeptical about buying yet another kitchen gadget, but since so many people are buzzing about air fryers, I decided to try one out!

The result? I have completely fallen in love with air fryer cooking! My  Air Fryer XL has for sure earned a spot on the counter with my other must-have appliances.

1.) Make the best bacon EVER with zero mess.

Cook times will vary based on the thickness of bacon, but I was able to make thick-cut, crispy bacon in just 10 minutes at 390 degrees. The best part is that the grease drains to the bottom basket for easy clean up at the end! I’m never making bacon in the oven or on the stove again!  THIS method ROCKS!

2.) Easily adapt oven recipes to the air fryer.

Typically, you’ll just lower the cooking temperature by about 25 degrees. For instance, if your recipe states 375 degrees in the conventional oven, go with 350 degrees in the air fryer.  You’ll need at least 20 percent less cooking time, although this can vary with what you’re cooking.

3.) Give foods a spray.

An air fryer can produce a crispy fried texture that’s pretty fabulous. For next-level results, consider spraying food halfway through the cooking time by using an oil sprayer like this one I have. I’ve read that the aerosol type oil sprays from the store aren’t recommended for the fryer basket’s non-stick finish. 

4.) Shake things up.

For recipes like fries, it’s best to shake up the contents halfway through the cooking time, so your results will be extra crispy and delicious.

5.) Make breading that sticks.

Air fryers move air so quickly that breading can separate from food. To prevent this from happening,  try the following tip. Dip food in flour, then egg, and then bread crumbs to ensure the breading sticks to the food.

6.) Time to make donuts.

Your air fryer isn’t just for savory foods. I recently made some excellent  5 minute donuts using flaky refrigerated dough!

7.) Leftovers have never tasted better.

Seriously, you’ll never eat soggy microwaved pizza again!

Just a couple minutes in the air fryer is all you need to reheat last night’s dinner.

8.) Don’t overcrowd.

This is probably the most important air fryer rule you should know! You’ll want to make sure food gets cooked evenly and crisps up deliciously.

I bought these large pre-made bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers from my local grocery store’s butcher section. I air-fried them at 370 for about 10 minutes. These are my FAVORITE thing I’ve ever cooked in the air fryer. Such a great low carb and keto-friendly snack or appetizer idea, too!

9.) The meat turns out DELICIOUS and juicy.

The air fryer goes way beyond tasty fries and snacks. We recently cooked some pretty amazing burgers in the air fryer. Medium-sized patties can be cooked for about 9-10 minutes at 350 degrees, or until desired done-ness. YUM!

10.) Air fryer veggies crisp up like a dream.

I made brussels sprouts that are perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside in just 10 minutes! They tasted amazing and were so easy to make.